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At Moda Ceramics we understand that as a developer every project is a one-off journey. That bespoke developments are every bit as individual as the people they are built for, their needs, their style and their budget. Your mission is to create that dream and ours is to work with you to achieve it.
Every specification and every project is different with very few things in common from the last. Versatility, expertise and adaptability are all vital, so you need a partner with those very same qualities.
One thing that every bespoke development has in common, however, is the need for solutions you can rely upon and a service you can trust.
As a small but highly specialised team, Moda Ceramics are proud to offer everything you need, including advice on materials and budgets to help you deliver that dream development and avoid unwanted headaches.
We specialise in sourcing the very best quality porcelain and ceramic tiles from all over the world in the colours and finishes to meet your exact specifications. Our extensive and ever-growing portfolio, sourced from innovative and high-quality manufacturers gives you the assurance you need that we can provide the perfect tile range to suit you and the unique needs of your development.

For more information on Moda Ceramics and the service we can offer your bespoke development project please get in touch today.

bespoke developers
bespoke developers

Tiles for Housebuilders


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Brick Effect Tile Range

High Shade, Colour and Pattern

Concrete Effect Tile Range

For an industrial look and feel


Create unique and exclusive projects

Marble Effect Tile Range

Versatile and Stylish

Metal Effect Tile Range

Pure Urban Elegance


Colourful & Playful

Stone Effect Tile Range

Forged by primaeval natural forces


A Ceramic Masterpiece

Wood Effect Tile Range

Versatile by Nature

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