Click & Floor Range

All the natural charm and aesthetic good looks of real wood

Click & Floor

Its mineral-based core and its protective layer provide resistance and stability benefits far superior to those of standard LVT vinyl, offering multiple advantages.

EASY & PRACTICAL to install. Click & Floor can be laid over most pre-existing floors with little preparation. Its hermetic click system reinforces the joins between slats, allowing a quick and safe installation.

Easy to maintain and clean, just with vacuums, mops, and conventional cleaners. A perfect solution for quick renovations of homes and commercial premises, without dirt or annoying noise. Ready to use just after installation.

DURABLE AND RESISTANT to temperature changes and sunlight. Its rigid core does not transfer little subfloor imperfections and its wear layer protects it against heavy furniture marks and scratches, making it an ideal floor for homes with pets.

COZY AND COMFORTABLE Walking barefoot on Click&Floor is a really pleasant. Warm and pleasant like natural wood and, at the same time, technical and silent thanks to its acoustic insulation. It is also suitable for underfloor heating. 100% waterproof, you can lay it in bathrooms and kitchens allowing the use of the same floor throughout the house, without joints or unsightly transitions.

IT TAKES CARE OF YOU, IT TAKES CARE OF THE EARTH Antibacterial and free of harmful plastics, a safe floor for the whole family and for the planet, as it is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Besides, if you move house, you can easily reuse it.


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