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One of the key things that set Moda Ceramics apart from the rest is, the unique is the level of service we offer. In the hospitality industry service is everything, but so are those aspects of individuality, quality and brand image, they are the things that set you apart from the rest…
Every hotel is different, making a tailored approach towards tiling vital. As an independent tile specialist that one to one service is just one of our strengths as we strive to offer a bespoke service to hoteliers along with our hard-earned industry knowledge to source exactly what you need, without fuss or compromise.

Whether your hotel is a contemporary state of the art, stately, period or any unique style in between, our first task is always to get to know you and to fully understand what you need. We will offer advice of course and share our knowledge; those are all an important part of the service we provide, but understanding the hotel, its clientele, the project and the overall vision always come first.

When we achieve that, then we can start to show you the products from our extensive ranges that will breathe life into your vision. We source ceramic and porcelain tiles from all over the world without any compromise on quality and finish to ensure we can provide exactly what you need.

For our clients, that means exactly the right tile and the right price, but even then we go the extra mile…

We also provide a comprehensive adhesive specification service unique to your premises and the tiles you need along with a full aftercare service, to ensure your tiles are installed using the most suitable products and giving you the confidence and peace of mind that they will look their very best for years to come.

For more information on Moda Ceramics and the service we can offer your hotel or hospitality business, please get in touch today.


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Brick Effect Tile Range

High Shade, Colour and Pattern

Concrete Effect Tile Range

For an industrial look and feel


Create unique and exclusive projects

Marble Effect Tile Range

Versatile and Stylish

Metal Effect Tile Range

Pure Urban Elegance


Colourful & Playful

Stone Effect Tile Range

Forged by primaeval natural forces


A Ceramic Masterpiece

Wood Effect Tile Range

Versatile by Nature

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